Tradition, Quality, Innovation

Precision mechanics and electronics –
this combination lays the foundation for the success of the precision mechanics factory that was founded in 1878 by Friedrich Keilpart.
Under the name "Feinmess Suhl GmbH", the enterprise now belongs to the Steinmeyer Group and still stands out for highest precision, innovation, and quality. With a wide range of mechanical and electronic solutions in the field of precision metrology, Feinmess Suhl is one of the oldest manufacturers of measuring instruments in Germany. Thanks to its decades of experience, Feinmess Suhl GmbH continuously enhanced its production program.
The diversified know-how of our staff as well as the combination of precision metrology with precision mechanics, gearing and drive technology, and automation enables us to offer customized and system solutions that exceed the usual metrological solutions.

Newsletter 03/2017

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