Precision Measuring Systems

Rationalizing measurements is one of today‘s main demands in industry. Feinmess Suhl develops and manufactures measuring units for the inspection and calibration of gauges and measuring equipment. more

Incremental Probes & Display Units

Probes are the most influential components of the measuring chain. Their characteristic determine the quality of the entire measurement. more

Precision Gauges

Complex products consists of components that have to interact smoothly.
The compliance with the required manufacturing tolerances is an impor-tant prerequisite for proper functioning.  more

Precision Micrometer Heads

Precision Micrometer Heads are commonly used for checking the various displacements on measuring fixtures, linear positioning tables, microscopes, machines as well as other special appliances. more

Gauges, Standards & Reference gauges

1871 Introduction of the metric system – Even today measurement standards such as gauge blocks and gauges are the basis of dimensional metrology. They are used as setting standards for indicating measuring instruments ... more

Manual Positioning Systems

In addition to the traditional metrology, we opened up a new market that does not directly deal with metrology: If high-precision, smooth, and exact motion is concerned ... more

Lead Screws

Lead screws are distinguished from other forms of linear transmission systems mainly by their reproducibility, their non-slip properties, high resolution and low installation dimensions more

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